If only February was a week longer…

I would have completed the February socks on time. I finished them up on Friday. They look completely adorable. I also got started on my March socks. I’m doing Cookie A.’s Monkey design in shades of yellow. It is nice and bright and spring-like, perfect for March. I’ve completed five repeats of the lace pattern. The design calls for six repeats before starting the heel, but I think that I will do seven (I like long socks). If I’m able to complete the first sock by the 15th, I’ll be back on track for March. 
I’ve also made good progress on the Lotus Blossom Tank. I’ve got about an inch to go before dividing for the front and back.

After making all of this progress on my knitting, I spent this morning taking pictures of all this knitting. At that point, I discovered that I cannot find the cord for my camera. I’m not sure if it is temporarily or permanently missing, it might have been tossed out in my somewhat manic cleaning of the computer room last Monday. (In my defense, we have two cables that are almost identical, one is for the digital camera and the other is for, well, I really have no idea. The mystery cable has been hanging around for a long, long time and I might have tossed it out. Or tossed out what I thought was the mystery cable, but really wasn’t…but I’m not sure if I did toss it out or not, and the mystery cable is currently sitting on the computer desk, so if I did actually throw a cable, it was the camera one that I threw away…see this is why I should never clean, or I suppose why I should pay better attention to what I’m tossing in the trash)

I thought about ordering a new one, but then hesitated, because I figured that as soon as I hit the button to order one, the other one would magically appear. But then, if I waited to order it, and the other one didn’t turn up, then I’d just be going longer without a cord.

After some debate (way to much debate, when you consider that the replacement cable cost all of three dollars, shipping included), I decided to bite the bullet and spend the three dollars to replace the cable. If the original one turns up, then I’ll have a spare, if not then the replacement one will be here sooner.

I’ll keep you updated on the cable situation, and post pictures as soon as I can.

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