This is exactly what I was talking about…

Yup, found the cord for the camera. I settled in the sort through a box in the computer room, and there it was. Oh well, now I have two.  And you’ll be happy to know that the camera cord is now labeled “camera cord” and the mystery cord is going into the box full of mystery cords. (yes, we have a good sized box full of cords and cables of various styles, uses, and lengths.

So here comes a massive photo update:

First, let’s start with the Owls Sweater. I finished this some time ago, but just got around to getting it photographed. And please bare in mind when looking at the lovely model in the photos that: A. my hair is wet and nothing has been done to it except combing, and B. I have no makeup on.



And here is a close up of one of the owl cables:


Not too shabby, right?

Next, here are the February socks:

And a little closer…


And now for some updates on my latest works in progress. Which if your memory needs refreshing would be the socks for March (started a little late) and the Lotus Blossom Tank, that Knitting Olympic project that is still hanging around.

March Monkey Socks
Such a bright, cheery yellow, so perfect for Spring.

And the Lotus Blossom Tank
It is coming along nicely, and everything that is left is stockinette stitch, which should go pretty quickly. I’m planning on getting it finished soon.

One comment

  1. looks awesome! love the sweater! and i too have a drawer full of cables 🙂


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