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Product Review: Foodstirs’ Baker’s Club Subscription Kit

I love cooking and baking. And it is one of those things that I like to share with Kiddo. So when, back in July, I came across foodstirs and their baking kit subscription service, I decided to give it a try. Every other month, the send a themed baking kit, with organic mixes and all […]


I’ve been pretty down lately. Actually, for most of the summer. I’m sitting here, staring at two unfinished and unpublished posts from two and three months ago and wondering what happened. Except, I know what happened. Me, I happened. Every so often, I fall into a sort of spiral where I feel like everything is […]

WIP Wednesday: Car Knitting

In the past week, I have spent about 10 hours total in car traveling for work. Luckily, both times, I have been traveling with coworkers, who drove, which allowed me to take advantage of one of the big perks of traveling for work. Paid knitting time.   When selecting an appropriate project for car knitting, […]

So This is Second Sock Syndrome

Stalled Out I’ve been knitting socks since February of 2008 and in that time, I’ve made many pairs of socks, mostly for me, but not all. During this time, I’ve heard other sock knitters talk about “Second Sock Syndrome,” but have never experienced it for myself…until now.First, let’s back up. Perhaps you are not a […]

Project Talk: Improving a Little White Hat

First of all: My Bridges of Roses socks are actually completed, washed, blocked, and photographed! Now, they are all set to be presented to my mother-in-law for her birthday. Yes, her birthday was way back in August, but the socks are finally done! I’ve discovered that embroidery is not my strong suite. The roses still […]

In Need of Brightness

Brightness as in bright, cheery colors, not as in intelligence. I finished up my circle scarf, Encompass. It is hard to capture the awesomeness of the piece in photos, I need to get some action shots of it. The scarf is a large circle (hence the name circle scarf), and can be worn several different […]

Will I Ever Learn?

I’m pretty picky when it comes to my knitting. I just can’t see investing all that time and effort into a project that I’m not going to love once it is completed. But, when I see that a project isn’t working quite like I want, I tend to ignore that inner voice that is telling […]

Keeping Hands Warm

Between stitches on the various versions of the baby blankets that I’ve been working on, I have also completed a new pair of warm winter mittens.  I chose the Jack-in-the-Box mittens from Knitting New Mittens and Gloves. The mittens have an normal top and an interior cuff. This allows you to have access to your […]

You Say Perfectionist Like It’s a Bad Thing…

My needles have been clicking away on the Slip Stitch Baby Blanket, I was determined to get it finished in time for Christmas. Finally, I finished the slip stitch middle, and finished the top garter stitch border. I wasn’t thrilled with the results, but I thought it might get better once the side borders were […]

The Best Laid Plans

I have my knitting all planned out, I’m totally in love with my Farmer’s Market Cardigan, and I’m making great progress on it. I’ve divided for the front and back and arm holes. It is mainly stockinette with some shaping right now, so it is fantastic tv knitting. I’m totally and completely content with the […]

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