Did You Know it Hurts When You Sniff Kool-Aid?

Today’s title is brought to you by S., one of my middle schoolers that I worked with while student teaching. I was back at the middle school, subbing for my former cooperating teacher yesterday. There’s nothing like being greeted with, “Hey Mrs. Cram, did you know it hurts when you sniff kool-aid? And can I have some candy to get rid of the kool-aid taste?” It’s just this kind of thing that I miss about working with the students every day. Okay, not exactly the dangers of sniffing kool-aid (what’s with kids, in my day it was pixie sticks, I also once drank ketchup through a straw on a dare, but that’s an entirely different story…), but having students that are comfortable enough to talk to you about stuff.

Subbing is going pretty good, I’m getting between two and four days a week, which is enough for me. Teachers are starting to recognize me at various schools. Today I was subbing at one of the elementary school and was greeted with hugs by two of the students I had worked with the last time I was there. I’m becoming a regular on the school district’s sub circuit.


  1. Good to hear! Sounds like your filling in that time b/w graduation and new school year very well! I remember the pixie stix fascination and don't miss it…not one bit! Silly


  2. Yeah, I never was one for snorting anything, but that's just me, I guess.


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