Could It Possibly Be?

The Mobius bag is almost finished. I’m waiting for it to finish drying after felting, then I just have to trim down the pocket facing and sew it to the bag. This means I am almost finished with my first experienced project. Could this possibly mean that I’m actually an experienced knitter. Whoa, that is an empowering thought.

So, after finishing the bag, instead of putting all my efforts back into the banded peasant blouse, I decided I’d be better served to cast on more projects. I’ve now added the Aran laptop cover, from Canadian Living (I found the pattern through ravelry) and a pair of socks for Jeff. He’s now decided that maybe he’d wear knitted socks. I’ve still got to finish the Nemo fish for Sophie plus I need to start on my knitting for Mother’s day.

The laptop cover is my first cable project I’ve tried in a long time, so I’m excited to see how it is going to turn out. Jeff’s socks are my first attempt at the magic loop method for knitting a small circumference, which seems to be going pretty well.


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