Between school and finals, there hasn’t been time for much else, but now the main semester is done! Not than I’m exactly done, seeing has how I start a three week class on Monday, but that is only one class to focus on.

I’ve finished the laptop cover, and I’m thrilled with it! It turned out much better than I would have hoped.

It also means that I can start on Sophie’s cardigan for her baptism. It has to be done by July 3, which gives me plenty of time, especially because it is little and shouldn’t take too terribly long. I’m happy that my sister requested that I make something for Sophie to wear for her baptism, however I’m confused as to why anyone would need a sweater for the Wisconsin summer.

Since I first adventured into sock knitting, I’ve become addicted. I’m making it a point to have a pair of socks on needles all the time. They are great for portable knitting, and for mindless work. I’ve now mastered the “magic loop” method and I love it! It is much easier than using double pointed needles, and I worry much less about the needles slipping out of the work when I shove my work in the bag.

I also need to put my foot down with myself and finish Sophie’s Nemo fish. I’ve got about four fins to make and sew on, but I just can’t seem to make myself do it. Seeing as it didn’t get done for Easter, I’m shooting for Sophie’s visit to Wisconsin this summer.

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