Spring Break Updates

So, all of my carefully laid plans have once again, went astray. I had all sorts of knitting, reading, cleaning, and school work planned out for my spring break. I was going to make serious progress on my banded peasant blouse, finish the lilypad socks, finish the Nemo fish, start some new projects, and so on and so on. Well, after the weekend trip to Kenosha, the lilypad socks were just about done, but I noticed a pain on the right side of my back around the the right side of my front that I first noticed the week before hadn’t gone away. Odd, yes, but I have all kinds of aches and pains, I’ve accepted ovary pain, a pain down my leg that I’m calling ciatic never trouble, and the various other pains that come from being a 26 year old hypocondriac with pretty much constant access to webmd. I wrote it off as trouble from sleeping on Kari’s couch. Monday, however the pain was worse and I noticed a rash appearing. Also, I was not feeling so great, a trip to the doctor the next day confirmed it…shingles. So, my spring break was spent doped up on painkillers, sleeping a lot, and not getting a lot else accomplished.

100 Years of Solitude, my planned read for spring break, seemed much to daunting in my altered state of mind, but I did pick up Tender is the Night, and have finished about three chapters in a week…a sad, sad state of affairs.

So, here’s the summary of what I’ve accomplished over spring break:

  • School work: haven’t cracked a book
  • Knitting: finished the lilypad socks, started a new bag
  • Cleaning: cleaned the kitchen (sort of), bathroom, and did a little laundry
  • Reading: 3 chapters of Tender is the Night

All in all, not one of my more productive weeks.

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