Then Life Gets in the Way

Somehow, out of nowhere, it is May.

I’m not really sure how all of that happened, but it did. The last couple of months all sort of blur together for me. Hopefully, things are settling down now.

Starting the beginning of February and up until a couple of weeks ago, I was busy slogging through personal crap piled on top of more personal crap. Things are better now, maybe not fantastic, but better.

Then there’s the job stuff. To make a long story short, I started a new job in April. I’m now a bank auditor, which I’m super excited about, but it is also new and scary.

The new job also has me splitting my time between working from home and being on the road at audits. We had to get our spare room set up to function as a home office (which really was okay, since we’ve never really needed a guest room). It took some work and still needs a bit more organizing, but we have a pretty good set up now. Since I’m gone about half the time, it has been a bit of an adjustment for the whole family, but I think we’re starting to settle into our new routines.

So not a lot of knitting has gotten done recently. I finished my Hobo Bag with Cables, and will post some pictures of that soon, I’m still slogging along on my Primavera Socks, and I’m working on another pair of mittens. After one of my Luffe Mittens went missing, I decided to try my hand at thrummed mittens. I took a class in March at a local(ish) yarn store, and it went pretty well. I’m almost done with the first mitten. I’ll get something up about the mittens soon, too. They are a super fast project, but I just haven’t taken the time to sit down and knit that much.

This year looks like it might just be the year of mittens. One of my oldest and dearest friends got engaged recently and will be getting married in December. I’m going to make these wedding mittens for her and her fiancee.

I just need things to slow down a bit. Hopefully, that will happen soon.

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