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Then Life Gets in the Way

Somehow, out of nowhere, it is May. I’m not really sure how all of that happened, but it did. The last couple of months all sort of blur together for me. Hopefully, things are settling down now. Starting the beginning of February and up until a couple of weeks ago, I was busy slogging through […]


My Return to Blogging

After a four and a half year hiatus, I have decided to start blogging again. What brought about this change? To put it simply, I miss it. I enjoy writing, I like the power of words, and a blog gives me an outlet to write. As I’m not sure that anyone actually will ever read […]


Strawberry Just a happy little picture of the first strawberry from my Earthbox!

It’s Going to Be a Great Day!

There are few better ways to start a Saturday than to find a box from Knitpicks waiting on my front porch. Contents include some Wool of the Andes Tonal in Gypsy Queen (red) for the Milk Run Shawl (Rav. Link) and some Comfy Worsted in Celestial (blue), white, and black for a Tardis iPad sleeve, […]

Long Overdue Sheepcote Photos

Okay, so I finished this sweater way back in March. I just never got around to posting the pictures of it, which have been sitting on my camera since March. But here they are now. Late winter/early spring was a bit of a blah time for me, but hopefully spring and summer will renew my […]

Massive Writer’s Block

It’s been awhile on here, but to be completely honest, I’ve suffered from a bit of a writer’s block. And by a bit of a writer’s block, I clearly mean one that could encompass the state of Texas in its shadow. Lots has been going on, but nothing to write about. There have been several […]

Project Talk: Some Assembly Required

As a process knitter, I’m not a huge fan of finishing work. Why waste the time doing silly things like blocking, weaving in ends, and sewing seams when you could be actually knitting. I would think finding the motivation to finish would be easier for project orientated knitters, as it is a vital step in […]

Project Talk: I’m Going to Go Ahead and Blame the Weather

Cubist Socks-Done! The weather around here has been absolutely ridiculous, it is early January the temperature is going to be almost 50 today. Global warming, the beginning of the apocalypse, forewarning of the impending zombie uprising, or freak weather abnormality? It is hard to say. Most of the people who come into the bank seem […]

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