The Halfway Point

I’m pleased to say that my June socks are finished, with days to spare. And they turned out quite lovely.

I am even more pleased to remind everyone that June is the sixth month of the year, meaning I have now completed six pairs of socks in six months. I’m halfway to my goal for the year. And here are all six pairs…

The socks are in chronological order if you go around the circle clockwise starting at the top. They have made a nice addition to my sock drawer (which seems silly right now, as it is summer and I don’t wear socks, unless it cannot be helped, but it will be nice next fall and winter).

As much as I would like to sit and celebrate, I decided to start on my July socks. To mark the beginning of the second half of this project, I am going to attempt to make knee socks (I think).  So far, I have the foot of one started, I’m just doing a basic toe-up sock, in a self-striping yarn from Knit Picks.

If the color combination looks at all familiar to you, we defiantly should be friends. The colorway is called “Time Traveler” and is based on the famous Doctor Who Scarf.

For those who have no idea what I’m going on about, I’ll explain. I’m a fan of the British television series Doctor Who, which is about a time traveling alien known only as “the Doctor.” The series started back in 1963 and ran until 1989 and was revived again in 2005 and is currently on (you really should check it out).  Back in the 1960’s, when the original Doctor, William Hartnell left the show, the idea that the Doctor could regenerate was introduced. Regeneration where the Doctor takes on a new physical appearance, some new personality traits, but is still, the Doctor (odd? perhaps, but it’s scifi, you either buy it, or you don’t).

Since the show’s creation, 11 different actors have played the Doctor. When Tom Baker, the fourth actor to play the doctor started, a scarf was knitted for the character by one the custom designers. It is a pretty spectacular piece of knitting, measuring about 20 feet long. The scarf has since become somewhat of an icon for Doctor Who fans (or at least those of us who knit…there’s more out there then you’d think).

Anyways, the colors in the stripes of this yarn are inspired by the colors in the original scarf.

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