Slow and Steady

Progress on the Yggdrasil Blanket has been continuous, but not swift. However the time constraint on the blanket has been lifted. The blanket was originally going to be a wedding present for a dear friend, who is now no longer getting married. I’m trying to keep motivated on the project, though. I don’t want to set it aside, get distracted by other things, and find it six months from now crumpled into a ball with the needles pulled halfway out.

I’ve completed the center panel of trees.
There are four of those trees that all connect at the branches…or roots, depending on your perspective. After the tree panel, comes the first braid border. The border is knit perpendicular to the tree panel and connected by knitting together a border stitch with a center panel stitch.  The border itself is a series of braided cables. that I have had to watch pretty closely to keep mistakes at bay.


As you can see, I’ve gotten all the way across on side, around the corner and am starting on the next side. The corner itself was a bit tricky. It is done by using short rows. Combining short rows and cables is a tough task, especially since I’m a leftie and have to flip the cables around in my head. So the first corner is not completely mistake free, but I’m hoping that the mistakes are less noticeable than I think they are.
At least that is what I’m counting on.

I’ve also been putting in some knitting hours on the Frock Camisole. It is hard to capture in pictures how it is turning out.

It looks pretty boxy, but the tank is designed to be very floaty and drapey. The yarn drapes beautifully, which can’t be seen in this picture…I’ll try to get some pictures of it hanging next time and see if that helps. It is also hard to see the sheen and color of the yarn. The yarn is brown, but two-toned and the addition of silk gives it a nice sheen. The yarn has been awesome to work with.

I have also caught up on my socks. The first of my June socks is now finished and I’ll be starting on the next one really soon. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get the second sock completed by the end of the month, so I can stay on track.

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