New Year’s Resolutions and Whatnot

I have managed to welcome the new year in with a bang. My New Year’s Eve consisted of me laying on the couch, feeling crappy, and going to bed at eleven. Now, my New Year’s Day seems like it is going to consist of laying on the couch feeling crappy. I’m coming down with something, I’m not sure what, but it does not feel good.

Anyway, while lying on the couch, feeling crappy, I decided that I would take a couple of minutes to lay out some of my goals for 2009.

  1. Finish Unpacking. This one is pretty self-explanatory, there are boxes sitting in every room of my house from November’s move. I hope to have all that put away by the time Spring Semester starts.
  2. Ace spring semester. My goal is not to miss a single class this semester, and do my best work in each class. This is my last semester of classwork, and I would like to go out with a bang. I hope to accomplish this by not putting off work until the last minute, like I always do.
  3. Catch up on knitting. Fall semester has taken a toll of my knitting progress. I have been working on the banded peasant blouse since last spring, I also need to make baby blankets for my unborn niece and nephew. I also need to sit down and make some more dish clothes for our kitchen, and can always use more socks. Lastly, I would like to make another wicked sweater, an hourglass sweater, and get some projects off of my Ravelry queue.
  4. Make healthier choices. My PCOS does better when I drop some weight, so I need to start making better lifestyle choices. I need to plan out meals, eat better, and get some exercise on a regular basis. I think daily, or near daily walks with Pippin would be a good start down the exercise path. It will do good for both me and for Pippin.

That should be enough for a start. There are many other areas where I would like to improve, but we’ll start slowly.

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