Back to School Amusement

Spring semester of 2009 started yesterday for me. This is basically my last semester of classes, I’ll spend next fall student teaching, with only a couple of seminars and take one four day class over the summer. That’s happy news because I’m finding more and more things that annoy me about being on campus.

Such as:

  • The inexplicable hotness of room 226 and the computer lab. It might be 10 below outside, not counting the wind chill, but it is a balmy 100 degrees in those two rooms. Which makes it unbelievably difficult to focus on anything.
  • The fact that I am the only one that seems even remotely inclined to giggle at the unfortunately named “Woodcock Johnson” test. Seriously, how can I be the only one who finds this amusing? Am I that much more immature than my fellow, younger classmates?
  • The fact the despite the limited number of parking spaces, people still believe that they are entitled to park like douches.
  • The fake accent this guy is using to impress a girl two tables over. I think it is supposed to be a British accent, but I will not believe that it is a real accent, unless it is from Idiotia.
  • The fact that despite the class registration has not changed over the past four months, the bookstore is unable to stock the correct amount of books. And these are for classes with 20 people max, not huge classes. Can no one in the bookstore count to 20?
  • That guys accent again, I finally put an episode of the Bugle on my ipod to help drown out his fake accent. And to judge how fake it sounds in comparison to John and Andy’s accents, I heart John and Andy.
  • I get shit cell phone reception almost everywhere on campus. Seriously, am I the only one? Everyone else is chatting happily away on their phones, and I can barely make a call. I do not heart us cellular.
  • The six hours I have with nothing to do on Tuesdays. Yup six hours, I have class until 11:50, and then nothing until 6:00. So far today, I have visited the cashier’s office, printed out a 66 page document for one of my classes (yes, 66 pages) got my books (actually got about 60% of my books, the rest are unavailable due to the bookstore’s inability or unwillingness to count all the way to 20), called Jeff (cut short by shoddy cell phone reception) and screwed around on the computer, and it is only 1:20. Thank goodness for my lovely little laptop which I can haul around campus easily and can keep me occupied during this time, otherwise I would probably go nuts and start throwing things at the guy with the fake British accent.

I’m thinking that this six hour lay over between classes might allow me to bring along some knitting to further occupy my time. I have decided that I am completely okay with being the crazy lady that knits in the student union.

Seriously, that is the worst accent I have ever heard. Ever.

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