Several big changes are on the horizon for the Cram household. Here’s the story behind it:

Earlier this summer, Jeff and the remainder of the Three Bear’s employees were given a 90 day closure notice. The resort was being put up for sale and if there wasn’t a buyer, the place would close at the end of September (the Monday after Cranfest).

Naturally, this put us in a panic, as not only Jeff’s job, but our home are directly tied into the fate of the resort. Jeff began a search for a new job, we began to discuss options including moving. However, we had to remain in a holding pattern until we got more news.

After applications and interviews, Jeff ended up with two job offers, and opted to take one establishing and building an IT department for Meca Sportswear, a company in Tomah. He’s excited about the new opportunity, but a little worried about leaving the company where he has worked since college. His last day at Three Bears will be September 19 and he will start the new job the following Monday.

We also had to find a place to live, a place that would allow the small herd of animals we’ve acquired in the past several years. After weeks of searching, and lots of dissapointments, we found a place to live. It is a tiny two bedroom house on McLean Ave. (by St. Paul’s School for those interested parties). It has a great fenced in yard for Pippin. It will be a change from our current house, we’re used to the spacious three bedroom house, to this much, much smaller one, but it is adorable. We move on November 1, which gives me time to balance school and packing.

I have three semesters left in school, meaning a year from now I should be student teaching (given that everything goes according to plan). My schedule is pretty full this semester, but I’m still making time to teach religious education on Wednesday nights (those poor kids) and put in hours at both jobs on the weekends. And, of course, I still find some time to indulge my nerdy habits of knitting, Dr Who, reading, and telling people about my ever so charming pets.

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