Well, that’s it, Three Bear’s is closed. Something involving some bank, I’m not really sure what exactly happened. Jeff got called into a meeting today where he received the news. Thankfully, he’s able to start his new job tomorrow instead of next Monday (which I guess actually works out better for the new boss). It does mean, however, it may be awhile before Jeff sees any sort of compensation for his work last week, but we’re still a lot better off than some of the others, so we shouldn’t complain.

As for me, school is going okay, it is going to be a busy and stressful semester. I took my praxis content knowledge test on Saturday, which reminded me why I hate standardized tests. I finished with about an hour to kill with nothing to do.

School’s been getting in the way of other stuff. Things I should be doing, like packing; and things I would rather be doing, like knitting. At this rate, I will never finish the banded peasant blouse. I’m also working on a wrap, Danielle’s afghan, (which I’d like to have done before her birthday, but more likely will be for Christmas), and, of course, socks. I recently realized that I’m beginning to acquire more sock yarn than I can ever use in my life, so I’m not buying any more sock yarn until I deplete my overflowing stash. Plus, with moving to a new, much smaller, location, I need to work on whittling down my yarn supply to make it easier to move.

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