Stash Diving

As you may remember, I’m working on knitting from my stash more in 2018. So far, I’ve been resisting the temptation to buy yarn, but it is only April.

Last week, I decided I needed to make new mittens. I debated between making the Fiddlehead Mittens or some Llama Mittens. Ultimately, I decided on the Fiddlehead Mittens, but I may end up making both.

Back in the day (you know, 2017), I would have headed to a yarn store and found the perfect yarn for the mittens. But this is 2018, and I’m trying not to buy yarn (okay, trying not to buy as much yarn). Instead of shopping in a yarn store, I shopped my own stash. It went pretty well.

For the Fiddlehead Mittens, I found some Knit Picks Telemark. It’s a sportweight wool. I found several skeins in drift (white) for the main color and skeins in colbalt (blue), bayberry (dark red), tangelo (orange), rosemary (dark green), and poppy (bright red) for the contrasting colors.

I’m not sure what yarn I will use for the lining yet, but I ha e some time to decide about that. If I wanted to make the lining out of Telemark, I have enough of the drift and of the colbalt, but I may decide to use an entirely different yarn.

Now I just need to cast on.

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