Since finishing my Stone Layers shawl, I haven’t been knitting much of anything.

I’m plodding along on my Roundabout socks, making slow and steady progress on the leg. I had also cast on for a Gramps Cardigan for Kiddo, but I just can’t get motivated to work on a wool sweater (even a little one) in May. And don’t even get me started on my previous idea of knitting mittens in the spring.

So I decided I needed a new project, and I decided it should be a bag. I love bags, though I’m pretty picky about my everyday purse. I just upgraded that to a beautiful leather bag I found on etsy. It had the right look, enough pockets (but not too many), could be carried as a shoulder bag or worn as a cross body bag, and it is big enough to carry most of the necessities I need on a regular basis (wallet, keys, sunglasses, phone, snacks and toys for Kiddo, a knitting project, etc). I’m pretty jazzed about this bag.

But I also thought it would be nice to have a smaller bag, something to grab when I’m not with Kiddo. So I decided my next knitting project should be a clutch bag.

I headed over to Ravelry and began to browse clutch patterns. It didn’t take me long to narrow it down to two patterns, Downtown Clutch and Grace Clutch. I ultimately decided on the downtown clutch because I had yarn that I hoped would work for it. However, the Grace Clutch made its way into my queue, and I hope to make it soon.

For the downtown clutch, I’ll be using Misti Alpaca Pima Cotton & Silk Hand Paint in the colorway of Wisconsin. As the name suggests, the yarn is a blend of cotton (83%) and silk (17%). I had a skein leftover from my Shawl that Jazz that I made back in 2009 (throwback picture below). The colorway is a mixture of tans, browns, creams, yellows, and greens, with a little red thrown in (on my screen the picture of the shawl does a better job of showing the colors than the one of my clutch in progress).

Shawl that Jazz, from back in 2009

The pattern gave me the opportunity to learn to do a provisional cast on. After, a couple failed attempts (a story for another post, perhaps), I managed to get that figured out. The cables were fairly simple and went quickly, and now I’m almost done with the first side.


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