Renewing a Commitment

I’d love to be one of those people who absolutely love to exercise. I wish my solution to a bad day was to hit them gym, that would make staying healthy so much easier.

Unfortunately, I am not one of those people. I’ve tired several times to get onto the exercise bandwagon, but it never seems to stick. Back in late winter/early spring, I again made a go of it, I went consistently for about four or five weeks, and then stopped. It seems so much easier to break a habit than to start one.

I wanted to get back into going, but needed motivation. My health insurance offers a $100 credit twice a year for consistent attendance at a gym or fitness center, and the second period started July 1, so marked that as a starting point.

However, July 1 fell in the middle of a massive heat wave. Yes, my fitness center has ac, but we’re talking about extreme, suck the life out of you heat. I deeply admire anyone who finds motivation to do anything besides hide in their air conditioned house during this weather.

It’s a little tough to see, but on my calendar widget for
my phone, the gym is scheduled.

Monday, then, I laced up my shoes and went back. I scheduled it in my calendar, and forced myself to go (I seem to better at going when it is in my calendar). I’ve made it three times this week, with another scheduled trip for this weekend. Maybe this time it will stick.

In hopes of sustaining motivation, I also decided to address one of the bigger excuses I used before for skipping the gym, my iPod. I have a iPod touch, which I used at the gym to listen to podcasts and audiobooks while at the gym (I found this to be more motivation than music). But I’ve had my iPod for awhile now, and it doesn’t take long for the battery to drain. I could leave it sit for a couple hours and there would be no power. Instead I found an app on my android phone that does the same thing. In addition to eliminating an excuse, it also is one less thing that I have to carry to the gym; a win-win (don’t worry though, between car and home use, the iPod is still seeing plenty of use).

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