It’s the Most Wonderful Time of Every Four Years

Hello, my name is Nicole and I’m an Olympic Junkie. I love, love, love the Olympics. With the start of the summer games in London just hours away as I write this, I am looking forward to the next two weeks of Olympic goodness.

And with the Olympics come the Ravelympics, or the Ravellenic Games. Honestly, I’m not sure which one the official name was, weeks ago there was a big dust up with copyright and the U.S. Olympic Committee. I’m not going to get into the whole thing, but the USOC learned that insulting and upsetting knitters is not a good idea.

The Ravellenic Games are celebration of both the Olympic games and of the fiber arts held on Ravelry (a social networking site for fiber artists). Teams compete in such events as the Afghan Marathon, Sock Put, Work in Progress Wrestling (believe me there are a lot more too). It runs from the opening ceremonies to the closing ceremonies.

I’ll be competing first and foremost in the WIP wrestling. My goal is to finish the February Lady Sweater, which I have not touched since March. If, by some miracle, I finish that, I’ll be casting on in the Sock Put event, but I’m not holding my breath on that one.

I might be able to accomplish more than I think though. Next Thursday, Husband leaves on his annual golf trip. This means I will be left to my own devices Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and part of Sunday. Even factoring in that I have to work at the bank on Saturday, and I am available to work at the grocery store Saturday and Sunday, there should be plenty of knitting time (especially when I factor in that I have Thursday off from both jobs).

So, if anybody needs me the next two weeks, and I’m not at work; you will most likely find my happily curled up on my couch, enjoying two of my favorite things, knitting and the Olympics.

Life is good.


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