In Need of Brightness

Brightness as in bright, cheery colors, not as in intelligence. I finished up my circle scarf, Encompass.

It is hard to capture the awesomeness of the piece in photos, I need to get some action shots of it. The scarf is a large circle (hence the name circle scarf), and can be worn several different ways. I am partial to looping it around my neck twice, so it forms a thick, squishy scarf. I also can take one of the loops up over my head like a hood. It works great.

Encompass is knit from Malabrigo yarn, in the colorway SFO sky. Which matches my Jack-in-the-Box mittens. The colorway is made of shades of white, black, and grey, which goes with any winter gear that I own.JitB Mittens 1However, as much as I love it, the colors are a little drab, especially for knitting in the middle of a Wisconsin winter. It didn’t help matters that I was also working on this pair of socks during the same time frame.

Both the pattern and the color are called Hedwig, named after Harry Potter’s beloved snowy owl. The yarn, dyed by Dani at Sunshine Yarns, is a cream colored base, with black, greys, and a hint of brown. It captures a snowy owl perfectly, but again can be a little drab to work with in January.

A quick aside, Sunshine Yarns is one of my favorite sources for hand painted sock yarns. It is a one woman company in Colorado. The dyer gathers inspiration from a variety of sources, including Harry Potter, Twilight, and natural scenery. I’ve purchased many colorways from this site and never have been disappointed.

Having completed a couple of grey toned projects, I knew my next adventures would have to be done in some brighter colors.

I’m still working on my Farmer’s Market Cardigan, which is a beautiful rust orange color, but I needed inspiration for a pair of socks.  I finally decided on a pattern that I have had in my Ravelry queue for sometime now, Pomatomus. Named after a fish, the pattern resembles fish scales, which led me to select a blue yarn for socks.  I selected a skien of Sterling Sheep Yarn, from a dyer on Etsy. The sock yarn is spun with a silver thread, giving the finished project some added sparkle. The colorway, Castiel, is a collect of blues, ranging from pale sky blue, to a deep, almost navy blue (Castiel, being named for Misha Collins’ character on the tv series Supernatural) Of course, my camera did not accurately capture the colors, but you get an idea of the fish-scale like design. It’ll provide a much needed break from the grey projects I had been working on.


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