Cutest Thanksgiving Dessert Ever!

My plan for Thanksgiving weekend was to get a whole pile of homework done. My application for student teaching is due next Friday, I have three papers due for SPED 210, a paper and a mid-term for Sped 431, a paper for FED 385, and my remaining SPED 431 lesson plans all due this coming week. So, the grand plan was to hunker down with my laptop and get things done.

But, it is Saturday night and I have not gotten anything done. And tomorrow I have to go to my in-laws for a birthday get together, though I am now 27, and have outgrown the need for a birthday party quite a few years ago (truth be told, the last birthday I actually wanted to celebrate was my 21st) But after many days worth of relentless badgering, I gave in. So for my birthday get together, we will be watching the Packers play (which I don’t like to do) and having a dinner of Sloppy Joes (which I don’t like). Ah, the immense fun of family. Though my mom gets big kudos for my birthday present of a bread maker, which I unpacked as soon as I got it home, ran to the grocery store for ingredients (one of the perks of living in Tomah, as compared to Warrens) and proceeded to bake some honey oat bread (and promptly ate about half the loaf).

On Thanksgiving, I experienced a great triumph. I found instructions for making cupcakes decorated to look like turkeys (phrased that way because “turkey cupcakes” can confuse people). They turned out absolutely adorable! I’ll edit this post to include the picture that I took once I get it off my digital camera.

Knitting wise, I’m about in the same place I have been for the past few weeks. Danielle’s Christmas circle afghan, my banded peasant blouse, and my Cheshire Cat stole are all still on the needles along with a new pair of socks made from Malabrigo’s new sock yarn (of which I am a huge fan already). After I finish the socks (I have one done and one to go) then I am working only on the afghan until it is finished. I am not knitting anything for myself until after Christmas once I finish the socks. At least that is the plan for right now.

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