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New and Improved!

After years (on and off) of writing on Mental Scribbles, I decided it was time for a change. Mental Scribbles no longer reflected the nature of my writings, so I set out to create a whole new blog. I also decided to use the opportunity to move blogging platforms, an idea that I’d been toying […]

My Return to Blogging

After a four and a half year hiatus, I have decided to start blogging again. What brought about this change? To put it simply, I miss it. I enjoy writing, I like the power of words, and a blog gives me an outlet to write. As I’m not sure that anyone actually will ever read […]

Massive Writer’s Block

It’s been awhile on here, but to be completely honest, I’ve suffered from a bit of a writer’s block. And by a bit of a writer’s block, I clearly mean one that could encompass the state of Texas in its shadow. Lots has been going on, but nothing to write about. There have been several […]

Adventures in Pattern Writing: Episode 3, Perfectionism Rears Its Ugly Head (Again)

I’m what you might call a selective perfectionist. Some things I can just slap together and not care, but when it comes to knitting, I’ll redo, redo, redo until I’m happy with the results. While this tendency can product some particularly excellent results, but it also has been the cause of massive amounts of frustration, […]

Adventures in Pattern Writing: Episode 2, Cue the Panic

Who’d of guessed that these sockswould cause so much trouble? If you follow my blog regularly, or if you browse back through some past posts, you know that last July, I designed and made a pair of Green Bay Packer socks for her birthday. Ever since they came off the needles, I have been meaning […]

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