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My AAP Journey: The Beginnings

This year, my bank has decided to provide me with a pretty big opportunity to further my career. They have decided to send me to become an Accredited ACH Professional or an AAP. What is an AAP? If you ask the NACHA, the organization that manages, regulates, and governs the ACH Network, an AAP is: […]

And There Goes the Day…

Since this month’s schedule came out, I’ve been looking forward to today. A day off, during the week, no meetings to attend, no lunches to cover, just a day off where I could get things done. And I had the day planned, I was going to go to the gym, groom the dog, deep clean […]

Project Talk: I’m Going to Go Ahead and Blame the Weather

Cubist Socks-Done! The weather around here has been absolutely ridiculous, it is early January the temperature is going to be almost 50 today. Global warming, the beginning of the apocalypse, forewarning of the impending zombie uprising, or freak weather abnormality? It is hard to say. Most of the people who come into the bank seem […]

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