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WIP Wednesday: Hyperion Pullover

At this moment, I don’t have much on the needles for Work In Progress (WIP) Wednesday. I have several projects in the hopper that I’m getting ready to cast on, but the only active project is the Hyperion Pullover. However, I haven’t progressed beyond the first sleeve. As of last night, I had about 3 […]


Wouldn’t You Know It?

I’m a big fan of wooden knitting needles,they have a much better feel than plastic and are much warmer (and less noisy) than metal. With the exception of socks,* almost all of my projects are knitted on wooden needles. But, one problem with wooden needles is that they can break. In my experience, they don’t […]

Project Talk: Some Assembly Required

As a process knitter, I’m not a huge fan of finishing work. Why waste the time doing silly things like blocking, weaving in ends, and sewing seams when you could be actually knitting. I would think finding the motivation to finish would be easier for project orientated knitters, as it is a vital step in […]

Project Talk: In a Slump

Lately I’ve been feeling rather blah about my knitting. Well, actually to be fair, I’ve been feeling rather blah about a lot of things, which just so happens to include my knitting. Not sure if it’s holiday stress, weather, the fact that I’ve been sick, or something else, but things are just very blah. Usually […]

Project Talk: Finishing Work

The Mythos Cardigan is finally knitted, off of the needles, blocked, grafted together, i-cord applied, and blocked again! In other words: It is finally finished! Finally done! The sweater was intended to be a quick little knit, and a perfect little cardigan for chilly summer nights. It never intended to be a warm cardigan for […]

Process vs. Product

I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again (and again), I’m a process knitter, not a project knitter. From what I’ve observed about knitting, most knitters fall into one of these two camps, though I think most are unaware that you can categorize knitters into these two types.For me, it all comes […]

Project Talk: Looming Deadlines

In knitting, I don’t find myself facing a lot of deadlines (note the addition of “in knitting” to that statement, in other areas of my life, deadlines are more of an issue). This could be because I allow myself lots of time to finish a project, such as the baby blanket I had completed by […]

Project Talk: General Updates

Farmer’s Market Cardigan Every winter, I overestimate the amount of knitting that I will be able to accomplish. For some reason, I think I’ll be able to whip through large projects and create a mountain of finished goods. Sadly, that is never the case. I’m human, I get distracted, I decided to watch t.v. or […]

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