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Yes, I Can!

Rainier cherries, all year long, or while supplies last. I absolutely love Rainier cherries, love, love, love them. If heaven has a flavor, I’m pretty sure it is the flavor of Rainier cherries. The problem is, living in Wisconsin, this type of cherry is only available for about a month, and usually costs somewhere between […]


Door County Weekend

Peninsula State Park Husband and I decide to take a little mini-vacation together this summer. Seeing as how the last time the two of us took a weekend away together, without other family, and without needing to was way back when Husband won a two night stay in the Dells at a work Christmas party, […]

Ambition or Insanity?

The other weekend, my mom and I went shopping. It was Mother’s Day and although it is one of the four days I have agreed to golf with minimal complaining and whining (the other three are my mom’s birthday, the Parent/Child Tournament, and a Breast Cancer Outing), we got through one hole when she decided […]

Project Talk: Looming Deadlines

In knitting, I don’t find myself facing a lot of deadlines (note the addition of “in knitting” to that statement, in other areas of my life, deadlines are more of an issue). This could be because I allow myself lots of time to finish a project, such as the baby blanket I had completed by […]

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