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Adventures in Pattern Writing: Episode 4, Put It All Together

See this? Do you know what this is? If you guessed that it was a draft version of the pattern for my Packer socks, you would be correct! After knitting and reknitting, procrastination, deciphering notes and scribbles, charting and recharting, fighting with computers, cutting and pasting, writing and re writing, with some cursing and hair-pulling mixed […]

Adventures in Pattern Writing: Episode 3, Perfectionism Rears Its Ugly Head (Again)

I’m what you might call a selective perfectionist. Some things I can just slap together and not care, but when it comes to knitting, I’ll redo, redo, redo until I’m happy with the results. While this tendency can product some particularly excellent results, but it also has been the cause of massive amounts of frustration, […]

Adventures in Pattern Writing: Episode 2, Cue the Panic

Who’d of guessed that these sockswould cause so much trouble? If you follow my blog regularly, or if you browse back through some past posts, you know that last July, I designed and made a pair of Green Bay Packer socks for her birthday. Ever since they came off the needles, I have been meaning […]

Adventures in Pattern Writing: Episode 1, Chart It!

Last summer, I tried my hand at designing a pair of socks. They were Green Bay Packer Socks knit for my mother’s birthday. While there are several things that I would change about them, overall I considered the whole undertaking to be a success. The socks were such a huge hit with my mom, she […]

Adventures in Sock Design: Episode Two- Off the Needles

Completed Socks Success! I have Mom’s birthday Green Bay Packer socks off the needle and presented to her on her birthday! My first pair of self-designed socks have been completed.For the most part, I’m happy with how they turned out. But, of course, there are things I’d like to change, adjust, and try again. My […]

Adventures in Sock Design: Episode One- A Bad Start

I’ve been knitting for some time now, eight years, give or take. During that time, I’ve tried my hand at designing some really simple projects, mainly iPod cozies, and modified some designs, like Sophie’s Avatar inspired hoodie. However, I never really have tried to create something of my own design from the ground up.For my […]

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