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Wouldn’t You Know It?

I’m a big fan of wooden knitting needles,they have a much better feel than plastic and are much warmer (and less noisy) than metal. With the exception of socks,* almost all of my projects are knitted on wooden needles. But, one problem with wooden needles is that they can break. In my experience, they don’t […]

Long Overdue Sheepcote Photos

Okay, so I finished this sweater way back in March. I just never got around to posting the pictures of it, which have been sitting on my camera since March. But here they are now. Late winter/early spring was a bit of a blah time for me, but hopefully spring and summer will renew my […]

Project Talk: Finishing Work

The Mythos Cardigan is finally knitted, off of the needles, blocked, grafted together, i-cord applied, and blocked again! In other words: It is finally finished! Finally done! The sweater was intended to be a quick little knit, and a perfect little cardigan for chilly summer nights. It never intended to be a warm cardigan for […]

Project Talk: Seriously, WTF?

I consider myself an experience knitter. After all, I’ve been doing this awhile. However, believe me, I still make mistakes. Mostly the normal, run of the mill knitting errors, not reading the pattern properly, dropping a stitch, purling when I should be knitting, the normal stuff. But, every once in awhile, I make the sort […]

Process vs. Product

I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again (and again), I’m a process knitter, not a project knitter. From what I’ve observed about knitting, most knitters fall into one of these two camps, though I think most are unaware that you can categorize knitters into these two types.For me, it all comes […]

Project Talk: Looming Deadlines

In knitting, I don’t find myself facing a lot of deadlines (note the addition of “in knitting” to that statement, in other areas of my life, deadlines are more of an issue). This could be because I allow myself lots of time to finish a project, such as the baby blanket I had completed by […]

Project Talk: General Updates

Farmer’s Market Cardigan Every winter, I overestimate the amount of knitting that I will be able to accomplish. For some reason, I think I’ll be able to whip through large projects and create a mountain of finished goods. Sadly, that is never the case. I’m human, I get distracted, I decided to watch t.v. or […]

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