Stitch and Pitch 2019

Summer is (unofficially) here, and that means it is time to head to Miller Park for another Stitch and Pitch game.

My mom and I have been making this an annual (well, annual-ish, we’ve missed a few) tradition for the two of us. So last Tuesday, we headed down to Milwaukee to catch the game and do some knitting.

The past four Stitch and Pitches that we’ve attended, they have given away a fiber themed bobble head. This year, however, they gave away tote bags instead. Now, I love a good tote bag, and this one seems pretty nice, but I was a bit bummed that there was no bobble head. It is a free give away though, so I guess I shouldn’t complain.

I spent the game (which ended with a 0-16 loss for the Brewers), working on my primavera socks, which I am so ready to be finished with. I’m not letting myself start anything new until the socks are finished, which is taking a lot of self-discipline. I’m on the gusset decreases for the second sock, though, so I’m hoping it won’t be much longer.

Overall, except for the disappointing loss, it was another fantastic Stitch and Pitch trip!

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