Project Planning

Since finishing the puppy stuffie for Kiddo, I haven’t really done much knitting. I’m working on the heel of my primavera socks, but progress on those has been pretty slow.

Instead of actually knitting, it seems that I’m spending much more of my time right now thinking about knitting.

I spent some time cleaning up my Ravelry queue, which had gotten out of control (well, more out of control than normal). I skimmed through the patterns and repeatedly asked myself if I was really going to make that item. If not, I removed it. I also cleared out a lot of sock patterns, since I don’t usually go to my queue when I’m looking for socks to knit. While my queue still seems ridiculously long, I eliminated about half of the patterns on it.

Then I started thinking about what I wanted to knit this year. I’ll need to do two pairs of socks, birthday gifts for my mom and mother-in-law (the primavera socks will be one of those two pairs).

Aside from the socks, I think the first project of 2019 will be mittens. I need a new pair, and every time I browse patterns and dig through my stash, I come up with a new idea. Currently, I think I’m going to try out Luffe in grey and black stripes. I’m not sure what yarn I’ll use for the lining, but I think something fun and brightly colored.

Now I need to get myself back in the knitting groove.


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