Keep On Stitching

I haven’t made any major progress in my knitting projects.

I’ve finished all four legs and am starting on the body of the puppy stuffie for kiddo. It has reminded me just how much I hate working with novelty eyelash yarn. However, the stuffie should turn out soft and cuddly, so that is a win. 

One of the best things about this particular pattern is that parts are joined and stuffed as you go, keeping seaming to a minimum. I have the legs stuffed, which is a little irritating while I’m knitting, but I’m hoping that I get used to it as I go. If not, it is worth the irritation to have minimal seaming at the end.  Kiddo is very excited about this stuffie and keeps asking if I’ll have it done by Christmas. Probably not, but I’m working as fast as I can on it. 

My primavera socks are also coming along slowly. I just realized that I misread part of the pattern and was doing a knit three together instead of a purl three together. I then corrected what I was doing for a couple of repeats only to realize that I liked it better with the knit three together. I’m going to go back to that and hope that the switch to purl and back isn’t that noticeable. 

With the upcoming holidays, I may not have much for knitting time in the next couple of weeks, but I’ll keep plugging along on these two projects when I do have some time. 

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