Next Up – Charade Socks

Now that I have gotten several projects finished, it is time to start some new ones! Of course, that means it is time to get some new socks on the needles.

I did some digging in my stash of sock yarn and came across a couple of skeins of a self-striping yarn, Jo-Ann Sensations Bamboo & Ewe Pattern. The colorway is a combination of green, shades of grey, and shades of brown. It isn’t a yarn or color that I would usually buy, so I’m not entirely sure where it came from, but I figured that I would give it a go.

Because it is a self-striping yarn, I wanted to pick a simple pattern, so I opted for Charade.  It is a fairly simple cuff down pattern using a herringbone rib stitch. It should be a good, mindless project for knitting in the car or while catching up on some television.

I’ve also promised Kiddo that I would make him a puppy stuffie, so I’ve been browsing some patterns and looking through my stash for inspiration on that. I’m leaning toward Puppy Love, but haven’t officially decided yet.

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