Third Time’s the Charm

My Grace Clutch has been the cause of a lot of headaches, but things are looking up.

Right away, I got off to a bad start. I was a few rows in and noticed my stitch count was off. While I’m still not sure what happened, something was definitely off and I had to rip it out and start over.

After that, I was slowly making progress (and I mean super slowly). I was plodding along with it, when I noticed that the pattern was not quite right. Somewhere along the way, I noticed there was an error in the pattern. Not a huge one, but a slight jog in the pattern repeat.img_0804

So, once again, it was time to rip it out and start over. This was really starting to feel like the type of project I wanted to shove in the bottom of my knitting bag and forget about. However, it is for a friend, so I knew that I had to power through.

After a long struggle, I finally managed to get through the first side.


Obviously, I still need to make another side, do some blocking, and a lot of finishing work. But I’m actually starting to feel like I’m at least making a little progress now.


I just hope the second half goes better than the first.


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