Seattle with Kiddo

Wow, has summer flown by fast. It feels like Memorial Day was just here, but we’re already in mid July.

Summers always seem to be extra busy for us, and this one was no exception. I’m hoping though, that things will start to calm down a bit and leave me with a little more free time (or at least some time to catch up on posting).

At the end of June, Kiddo and I took a trip out to visit my sister and her family in Seattle. We left very early Friday morning and came home late Tuesday night, which was about the perfect length for the trip.

All packed up and ready to go!

Kiddo had only been to Seattle once before, back when he was about 15 months old, so I wanted to do some of the touristy things with him, along with making sure he had plenty of time with his Seattle cousins (my sister has two girls, ages 13 and 9).

It actually worked out pretty well, Kiddo and I had solo adventures on Friday and Monday, and Saturday and Sunday, we spent the day with my sister and her youngest. We spent some time in the evenings at my sister’s house, so we also got to spend time with my oldest niece and my brother-in-law.

Friday, we left Minneapolis (we stayed the night before) on a 6 am flight. Despite the early hour, Kiddo did very well.

Time to take off!

We got into Seattle a little after 8, and had to pick up our luggage and car. My sister was unexpectedly out of town and had asked us to let out her dogs. We made the drive over to her place and Kiddo caught a quick power nap in the Seattle traffic.

After we were done at my sisters, Kiddo and I decided to head back downtown to the Seattle Center. We visited the Space Needle (kiddo was not a fan), the Seattle Children’s Museum, and the International Fountain.

Not at all impressed with the Space Needle.

Kiddo had a fantastic time at the Children’s Museum and playing in the fountain, but the highlight of his day occurred when someone pulled a fire alarm at the children’s museum and a giant ladder truck responded to the call. Kiddo even got a high five from one of the firemen.

Much happier back on solid ground.

The next day, after grabbing breakfast at the hotel, we headed over to my sister’s place. We decided to head over to Woodland Park Zoo with my sister and her youngest. It is a pretty great zoo, I would recommend it to anyone visiting the Seattle area.

After the zoo, Kiddo, my niece, and I went back to the hotel. Kiddo got some swimming time in with his cousin before we headed back to my sister’s house for dinner.

Sunday we headed over to Golden Gardens Park, again with my sister and niece. Golden Gardens Park is a beautiful park right on Puget Sound.

Kiddo got to spend time on the playground and on the beach. I even got a little knitting in while Kiddo played.

We follow up the trip to the park with a trip to a Cupcake Royale. Oliver got some swimming time in with his cousin again, followed by dinner at my sister’s house.

The next day, it was just Kiddo and I. We began our adventure with a stop for donuts (and coffee) and then navigated downtown to the waterfront.

Our first stop was the Seattle Aquarium, Kiddo had a blast. There several hands on touch tanks, and we were able to watch the staff feed both seals and otters.

After that, we ventured over to Pike’s Market. Kiddo was very impressed with the fish throwing. We poked around at a few shops and played a couple games at an arcade. We then headed back to our hotel to get some swimming in before meeting my sister, brother-in-law and both nieces for dinner.

The next day, we got up, packed up and headed back to the airport to begin our journey home. We had a fantastic trip, but we were ready to go back home.

Heading for home!


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