Waiting to Finish

I’m just about finished with my Downtown Clutch, and I’m super happy with how it looks. I have the bag and the wrist strap knit, seamed, and then ends are woven in. I just need to sew a lining for it (I even have the fabric all picked out).

However, I’m going to wait to make the lining.

I have a couple of reasons for it. Mostly, because I’m lazy and dragging out my sewing machine seems like a lot of work, partially because I’m not super good at sewing, so I tend to put it off, but logically, because I’m making another purse next, so I figured I would wait and make both linings at once.

And, I’m all about logical.

So, next up, is the Grace clutch. Times two. When I was deciding on a clutch pattern to knit, I had shown the pattern to a friend. Friend said, “you should make that one for me,” and I decided that she’s currently on the knit-worthy list. I agreed to make the bag provided that she provide the yarn (see how I got around that, I didn’t technically BUY the yarn. Then, I promptly decided that I needed one too.

I’m making both in the suggested yarn, Spud & Chloe Fine, a blend of wool (80%) and silk (20%). Mine will be in the black pepper (black) and popcorn (white) colorways and Friend’s will be in black pepper and lipstick (bright pink).

Since I’m making two, I’m hoping that it is a quick and easy knit.

Or, at the very least that Friend is willing to line her own bag.

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