Done and Done!

I have finished BOTH Shark Attack blanket and the Padfoot Birthday socks!

The Shark Attack blanket has been finished for a couple of days, but I was waiting to get some pictures of Kiddo with the finished product. However, Kiddo has been sick and is feeling less than photogenic lately, so I will have to get those photos later.

Kiddo ended up solving the eye question for me. When I told him I just needed to add eyes to the shark, he reminded me that it wasn’t a real shark, and didn’t need eyes. I think it would look better with eyes, but it is his blanket.

Looking back, I think that 22 teeth would probably have been a better call. I managed to stretch the teeth all the way around the mouth, but it would have been a bit easier with 22 teeth.

All in all, the blanket looks pretty cute and Kiddo is beyond happy with it, so I’m going to call it good.

I grafted the second toe of the Padfoot Birthday socks yesterday. I managed to get some knitting in while home with Kiddo. Of course, I got to the toe and was tempted to start looking at new sock patterns on Ravelry, but I muscled through and finished the sock.

Now I’m ready to start some new projects!


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