Closet of Doom

One of the big goals for this year is to get my yarn organized and use it. The first major step in all of that was gaining control over what Husband and I have started to refer to as “the closet of doom.”

The closet under doom has been a bit of an organizing disaster since we bought this house. It is located on the first floor, under the stairs. It has a lot of potential, but ended up a dumping ground for everything.

These before pictures are super embarrassing!

It is our main storage area for the entire downstairs, so we keep a variety of things in there, which is part of the problem. It houses our off season coats, wrapping supplies, kiddos games, craft supplies for kiddo and I, yarn, tools, shoes, a variety of cords, do-dahs, and a whole bunch of other odds and ends. It is tough to come up with a way to store all of that!

The other problem is the shape and dimensions of the closet itself. It is long (over 8 feet) and narrow (about 32 inches wide). Naturally, since it is under the stairs, the ceiling slopes. The width ends up being the most limiting aspect.

There was a clothes bar a little bit inside the door, meaning you had to fight through all the jackets to get farther back in the closet. Because of all of this, we had fallen into the habit of just throwing things in the closet.

For real, don’t judge me too harshly.

We decided the best option was to add some shelves to help organize all of the stuff. After a lot of searching we settled on this shelving system. They would give us some much needed storage, and at 12 inches deep, would still allow us to navigate the space.

So last Saturday, we sent Kiddo to one of the grandparents’ and tackled it.


Naturally, step one was to empty everything out of the closet.Which made a giant mess in the living room. Once everything was out, we had to sort through and decide what to keep, what to toss, and what to donate. By the end of the project, we had garbage and recycling bins filled and a big box of donations ready to head out the door.

Next, we moved the bar for the coats way to the back of the closet. We have hooks by the door for the coats we wear frequently, the closet is for the coats that are out of season or rarely worn. It made sense to store them in the back and out of the way.

Then came the big test, installing the shelving system. I was a bit nervous about this step. Neither Husband nor I is particularly handy, so shelves could be a total disaster.

However, we managed to get the shelves up with minimal drama.

Since we had purged a bunch of things we didn’t need, putting things back into the closet went much more smoothly. We kept a shoe organizing hanging next to the shelves. It has been one of the best methods we have found for organizing some of the cords and miscellaneous items.

The closet organization was a lot of work, but the results were well worth it in the end. Husband and I are planning some more organizing work in the future, but this was the biggest mess in the house by far.

Before and After – Not bad for a day’s work.


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