Card Wreath

Every now and then, I actually do some sort of craft project that is not knitting related. This is one of those crafts.

Christmas cards seem to be a big deal in both Husband’s and my families. I think we sent out almost 50 cards this year! This means we get a lot of cards every year too. I always struggle with how to display all of these cards throughout the Christmas season and have tried several different ideas with varying degrees of success.

This year, I once again set out to conquer this task. I did some searching and came up with several different ideas. The one I decided to go with was a clothespin wreath.

I took a trip to the craft store for supplies. I picked up some clothespins, a 20 inch floral wreath, and a three pack of washi tape in Christmas patterns. I knew I had a glue gun and glue sticks at home.

First step, I covered one side of each clothespin with washi tape (I think I had 60 clothespins total). It works beautifully, the tape is the same width as the clothes pin.

Next, I used the glue gun to attach each clothespin to the wreath. The wreath was divided into 10 sections, which really helped to get the spacing even.

After I attached all of the clothespins, I flipped over the wreath and added more glue on the back side to make sure those clothespins stayed on.

Once it was done, I hung it on the door and waited for the Christmas cards to arrive! Right now, it is holding about 20 cards and is holding up beautifully!


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