Product Review: Foodstir’s Bakers Club October Subscription Box

I’m now on my second shipment of Foodstir’s Bakers Club. The October box contained a kit to make Monster Cupcakes. Kiddo and I decided to make them as a treat for the annual trip to the pumpkin patch.

This time I remembered to take a picture of everything all nicely boxed up.

Here is everything unboxed, there is cake mix, frosting mix, cupcake liners, all natural food dyes, sprinkles, and chocolate chips.

Kiddo and I wasted no time in unboxing everything and getting to the baking part. Once again, the recipe was easy to follow, with step by step directions. Kiddo loved mixing the food coloring in the batter to make the different colors.

Here are the cupcakes, ready to go in the oven.

The frosting turned out a lot thinner than what we needed to decorate the cupcakes like the picture showed. Instead, we put the faces on the top of each cupcake and added the “hairy” sprinkles to the top.

They didn’t turn out nearly as cute as the ones in the pictures, but they got rave reviews.

We’re going to keep this subscription going for at least a little while longer. It gives Kiddo and I a fun baking project to look forward to. If you’re thinking about trying out Foodstir’s Bakers Club, I would recommend it. The kits are fun, simple, and delicious!

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