WIP Wednesday: A Lefty’s Struggle

I’m a left handed knitter. During my knitting journey, I have discovered two (very different) attitudes about lefties and knitting.

  1. Knitting is two handed, so there is no right or left handed knitting. Knit the same way as everyone else and move on.
  2. Left handing knitting is really a thing, left handed knitting is done in a method that is pretty much the mirror image of right handed knitting.

I agree with the second school of thought. I can knit right handed (rows starting on the right) if I need to, but I can knit much better and faster if I knit left handed (rows starting on the left).

Throughout my knitting career, I’ve become pretty good at anticipating the issues that will arise from knitting left handed. Cables need to be crossed differently, shaping needs to be reversed, and decreases need to be reviewed to make sure that the finished piece turns out the way it should. 

Every now and then though, knitting throws me a curve ball. Like with my speckled space socks. The pattern calls for Judy’s Magic Cast On, featured in Knitty. This cast in is supposed to create a seamless toe for a sock, but when I followed the directions, I ended up with a row of bumps between the cast on stitches.

The point of this cast on is to not have bumps, so I needed to figure out what I was doing wrong. 

It took a little longer than it should have to figure out that it might have been a left handed problem. After reviewing the instructions, I decided to swap the top and bottom needles in the instructions. 

And Viola! No more bumps!

After figuring out my cast on error, it was smooth sailing. I have finished the toe increases and am ready to start the pattern on the foot.


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