WIP Wednesday: Car Knitting

In the past week, I have spent about 10 hours total in car traveling for work. Luckily, both times, I have been traveling with coworkers, who drove, which allowed me to take advantage of one of the big perks of traveling for work.

Paid knitting time.


Working on the Clearview Cowl in Coworker B’s car.


When selecting an appropriate project for car knitting, I have found that simple is almost always better. If I’m able to knit in the car, that means I’m traveling with
someone, and it isn’t very nice to all out ignore them because I’m focused on my knitting. I try not to do that to Husband, let alone with my coworkers. The second reason for this is because I occasionally get queasy  in the car when reading, knitting, or staring at my phone for too long. I need to be able to look out the windows to avoid that. For these couple of work trips, I decided the best option would be to work on my Clearview Cowl. The cowl is knit in garter stitch in the round, so it is a knit row followed by a purl row, with a color change each row. A perfect pattern to keep my hands busy while engaging in small talk.

All of this paid knitting time has really helped me make some good progress on the cowl. I only have about 2 inches left to go!


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