WIP Wednesday: Third Time’s the Charm (Hyperion Pullover)

There are times when knitting can be frustrating.  Mistakes happen, it is inevitable. Some mistake you fix, some you just go on and learn to live with them, and some force you to scrap everything and start over.

And that has been the story with the Hyperion Pullover, twice. The first time, after about five inches in, there was an error in the lace. At first, I thought I could live with the error, but then I noticed the sleeves was going to end up being wider than I hoped. So, I decided to rip it out and start over.

The second time, I was moving along quite nicely, when it happened again. I noticed the lace pattern on the row I was working didn’t look quite right. I powered through to the end of the row and did a stitch count. Sure enough, six stitches mysteriously disappeared.

Blocking can hide a myriad of sins, but six stitched in this lace pattern isn’t one of them. So it was back to the beginning for me.

Third time’s the charm, right?


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