WIP Wednesday: Clearview Cowl

Progress has been very slow and very uneventful on the Hyperion Pullover. The yolk is a honeycomb lace pattern, which looks very nice and will be delightful for a summer sweater, but is also rather time consuming to knit. It is also one of those stitch patterns where I actually have to pay attention when I’m knitting. That works great when Kiddo is sleeping and Husband lays claim to the remote, but on nights I’m watching something I want to watch, or when I’m taking my knitting somewhere, or for the hundreds of other times when I’m knitting while doing something, I need an easier project.

So I decided to cast on for the Clearview Cowl. It came in a kit that I picked up on a girls’ weekend in Stillwater, Minnesota a couple of years back. I didn’t really have immediate plans to knit it, the colors were wrong to go with my winter coat, so it sat in the closet for a couple of years.

However, this year, I got a new winter coat. It is a lovely shade of gunmetal grey, which is lovely and doesn’t show stains, but is rather drab. However, handknit accessories are a lovely way to perk up anything.

I am only a couple rows into this project, but I’m all ready a big fan. It is a rather mindless knit, a row of knits, a row of purls, with a color change at the start of each row.


All 250 stitches are scrunched on the needle, it will be much bigger when it is finished.
The yarn, though, THE YARN is what makes this project. I’m knitting it in the recommended Road to China Lace by the Fibre Co. It is an exquisite blend of alpaca (65%), silk (15%), cashmere (10%), and camel (10%). I really cannot overstate how delightfully soft this yarn is. The colors are gorgeous, too. I’m using rhodolite, a beautiful pinky-purple color, and grey pearl, a lovely soft grey.
The camera did a terrible job capturing the colors of this yarn.
I seriously love this yarn. It is super light (partially because it is a lace weight yarn), but I have no doubt that it will be super warm. I was so excited about this yarn that I went out and bought the sport weight version, Road to China Light, in the same colors to make some matching mittens.
Progress is going slow on this, mainly because it is lace weight yarn on tiny needles, but I am loving every single minute of it.
This shot captures the colors a little bit better.

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