Wouldn’t You Know It?

I’m a big fan of wooden knitting needles,they have a much better feel than plastic and are much warmer (and less noisy) than metal. With the exception of socks,* almost all of my projects are knitted on wooden needles.

Poor, sad, broken, needle. :(

But, one problem with wooden needles is that they can break. In my experience, they don’t break often, just when you do things like step on them. Thankfully, breakage is usually pretty rare.

However, I’m knitting on a deadline right now. So, breakage was inevitable. Husband forgot that a house rule is to check for stray needles before sitting (though Husband would say that it was my fault for leaving my knitting of the couch). I was left with a broken stump of a needle, and a half finished sweater.

My Citron shawl, off of the needles and blocking

I was forced to order replacement needle tips, and of course, I had to include some yarn (I needed to qualify for free shipping after all). The package took about a week to arrive, so that forced gave me the opportunity to complete my Citron shawl. It worked out well, actually, I bound off the shawl on the same day the box arrived.

Still, that was a week with no progress on the sweater, and now the wedding is only 13 days away. I have divided for the armholes and have about seven inches left on the body, plus the sleeves, and the ruffle trim. As a precaution, today I ordered a cardigan that would also work well with the skirt.

Sweater progress

*As a side note , I would love to knit socks on wooden needles as well, but when they are that tiny, wooden needles just don’t withstand the wear and tear I inflect upon them (and yes, I’m reasonably certain that the problem is me, not the needles.


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