Lucky Socks 13-0 Baby!

A seeminly typical pair of socks

This weekend was the first Packer/Viking game of the season. Because it was in Minnesota, our token Viking fan friend, Terry was allowed to host it. After work, I was changing and noticed that my socks were still wet (after being washed out in the sink the night before, but that’s another ball of wax). I certainly wasn’t going to wear wet socks, and I never tumble dry hand knit socks, so I did the next logical thing, put them in the oven to dry.

Yup, in the oven, at 350, for about five minutes per side.

Now that may seem like a lot of work just for a pair of socks, but these are no ordinary socks. These are lucky, seemingly magical Green Bay Packers socks. On game days, I get facebook messages from friends and family to ensure that they are on my feet.

I thought some of those friends and family might be unfamiliar with the humble beginnings of the lucky socks.

They weren’t intended to be anything special. The yarn wasn’t bought with the Packers in mind, it is Knit Picks Stroll, in a colorway called Turtle Multi, which they don’t even make anymore and isn’t even that good of a representation of Green Bay’s team colors. The pattern is Nagini (named after Lord Voldemort’s snake companion) by Monkey Toes. A pattern named after a snake seemed appropriate for a variegated green with a little yellow colorway. In short, they were just another pair of socks.

I was working on them during a Packer game last season, and my mom made an offhand comment that they would make good Packer socks. Figuring shades of green and yellow were close enough, I finished them and wore them to the next game. The Packers were playing the Giants and needed to win the next two games to make the playoffs.

They won the game. As a result, I wore the socks for the next game, and the Packers won. I kept wearing the socks on game day and the Packers kept winning, six games in a row, through the playoffs, to the Superbowl. The socks were deemed lucky and safely tucked away until football started up once again.

The non-oven drying method.

I didn’t break out the lucky socks until the regular season started up again. But the pattern continued, when the socks were on, the Packers won. Going into the bye week, my socks have seen 13 Packer victories, and 0 Packer losses. I’m not sure how they manage it, but the facts are in.

Skeptics may say that I should not wear the socks one game day and test the theory. However, I cannot imagine that there is a true Packer fan in the world willing to take that chance. My husband certainly isn’t, he was the one that insisted I wear wool socks in 70 plus degrees.

Now, if only I could get the socks on the Packer’s payroll. League minimum would be just fine, they don’t need a fancy contract or a signing bonus. Anyone have the number?

Go Pack!


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