Maybe This Time It’ll Stick

I’ll admit it, I’m not an organized person.

Now, as many people I know, including but not limited to my husband, my college roommate, my parents, and my in-laws, are all laughing hysterically and nominating me for the “Understatement of the Year Award,” let me continue.

I’m not an organized person, but on occasion I put effort into becoming one. In my head is a picture of myself idealized. That person that looks perfect every day, has an immaculately clean house, plans healthy tasty dinners every night, goes to the gym at least three times a week, and on and on and on.

But the real me has a messy house, is sitting on her couch in jeans and a Doctor Who t-shirt, is not wearing make-up, and is unsure whether or not she brushed her hair today. She’s the same person that fed her husband Hamburger Helper for dinner last night, and will be feeding him fast food tonight. She also watches way too much TV, starts things that she never finishes, and has the sense of humor of the average fourteen year old boy.

I’m not entirely certain that the real me would even like the idealized me. But that doesn’t stop me from from trying.

Recently, I decided to start using coupons. Not in the Extreme Couponing sense, (I work in a grocery store, extreme couponers seem to be a giant pain to me) but in the saving-a-couple-of-bucks-a-week-might-add-up sense. With the best of intentions, I flipped through the Sunday paper and clipped the coupons, filed them in a little box.

And promptly forgot about them.

Not to be put off, I decided to keep a coupon database to help me keep track of the coupons. I marvelled at my own brilliance. No more digging through the box thinking, “I could have sworn I had a coupon for sugar in here.” So I diligently entered in the coupons, categorizing each one, checking expiration dates, amounts, and the fine print.

And promptly forgot about them.

Today, I went to enter more coupons into the data base, (about three week’s worth–don’t judge) and discovered that almost every coupon entered in there had expired. Sigh.

But, I’m going to try again. My babystep organization goal is to plan out menus, make lists, and grocery shop only once per week (even though this seems pointless now that I’m back at the grocery store and will be there several times a week). Hopefully, when I go to make my list, I will think to pull up the database and look for the coupons I actually will use.

Eventually, somethings gotta stick, right?

One comment

  1. love this! i'm nominated for least organized person ever too…as you know, former roomie! the book organized simplicity is good if you need inspiration. but if you're anything like me, you know WHAT to do….making it happen is just so much harder! lol


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