Adventures in Sock Design: Episode Two- Off the Needles

Completed Socks

Success! I have Mom’s birthday Green Bay Packer socks off the needle and presented to her on her birthday! My first pair of self-designed socks have been completed.

For the most part, I’m happy with how they turned out. But, of course, there are things I’d like to change, adjust, and try again. My main disappointment was the how the numbers on the heels turned out. Mom’s a huge fan of Clay Matthews, hence the 52 on the heels. However, I assumed that placing the numbers centered on the heel flap would keep them high enough, but the bottom of the numbers wraps around to the bottom of the foot a little bit. That will need to be changed. I’d also like to revisit both the shape of the numbers and the G on the tops of the feet, they turned out okay, but they could look better. There’s always room for improvement, right?

Despite the socks being completed, the design challenge isn’t yet over. In addition to fine tuning the design features of the socks, I also need to translate the pattern from the pile of scribbled notes and charts into an actual written pattern. Since I was knitting on a deadline, I pretty much just took shorthand notes on what I was doing, which would be readable only to me, and only on a good day.

However, the socks were very well received. Mom immediately put the socks on and posted pictures onto facebook. Then, ignoring the fact that we live in Wisconsin and it was July, she wore the socks for the remainder of the evening (with an unmatching t-shirt and shorts, quite the fashion statement). That reaction is how people stay on the knit for list in my book.


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