Project Talk: Looming Deadlines

In knitting, I don’t find myself facing a lot of deadlines (note the addition of “in knitting” to that statement, in other areas of my life, deadlines are more of an issue). This could be because I allow myself lots of time to finish a project, such as the baby blanket I had completed by May for a baby due in July, or because I mainly knit for myself. Once in a while, I do find myself up against the ticking clock. And that clock is ticking away right now.

These might actually fit!

Deadline # 1: Mom’s Birthday, July 27

In a post from yesterday, I mentioned that I was in the process of designing/knitting some Green Bay Packer inspired socks for my mom’s birthday. What I think I failed to mention in that post was that my mom’s birthday is coming up quick. I had to start over from cast on today, which gives me one week to crank out a pair of sock (not only crank out, but develop and correct the pattern as I go). Despite making pretty decent progress today, I’m thinking mom’s birthday gift may be a little bit late this year.

Deadline #2: Karen’s Wedding, July 30
Harry Potter & knitting, a perfect combo

Progress so far
Karen is a dear, dear friend from elementary school. She’s getting married at an outdoor wedding in Wisconsin Dells the last weekend in July. Since it’s outdoors, and will most likely be hot, attire will be pretty casual. I have a navy sundress that I’m planning on wearing, but I felt that it was a little blah. And what better to add some zing to an outfit that a hand knit lace wrap? I cast on for the Invisibility Wrap from Charmed Knits, a collection of Harry Potter inspired patterns. I’m knitting it out of Knit Picks Shimmer Hand Dyed yarn in Cumulus, which is different shades of gray. I’m also adding beads to the design. The wrap is turning out beautiful, in my opinion, but I just don’t know that I will be able to get it done in time for the wedding. But, as I have no backup plan for accessorizing my outfit, I am remaining optimistic. It was slow going at first, but the speed is picking up as I memorize the lace repeats in the pattern.  Fingers crossed!

Deadline #3: Bridges of Roses KAL, August 26

This is only my second Knit-A-Long (KAL). I participated in one before when I made my After Hours Shawl . This one is sponsored by the same company, Knitters Brewing Co. This time the KAL project is a pair of socks with embroidered roses. I’d love to show pictures of my progress on these socks, but truthfully, I haven’t even cast on for them. I have the yarn sitting on my end table, reminding me, but the other two deadlines are just so much closer.

Thankfully, right now I only have those three knitting deadlines. But those are not the only projects on my needles. I also have another pair of socks, the Devil’s Snare socks (Harry Potter inspired), but those are on hold while I work on the two other pairs.

See? It looks nothing like a sweater!

I’m also working on the Mythos Cardigan from knitty. It is a casual cardigan with beautiful drape to it. The process has been interesting, it is constructed sideways, starting with the end of one sleeve and working to the middle from there, so the work in progress looks nothing like a sweater of any kind. It is also knit out of fingering weight yarn, but on size eight needles, which is what gives the sweater it’s drape. This yarn/needle combination produces a fabric that grows much bigger upon blocking, so not only does the sweater not look anything like an article of clothing, it also looks like it will be way too small. This does not create the most inspiring knitting conditions. I’ve finished the first half, and will cast on for the second as soon as I finish the Invisibility Wrap (or at least that’s what I’m telling myself).

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  1. For the record, she got the wrap done in time for the wedding, and it was gorgeous! 🙂


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