Product Review: Amazon Kindle

I love to read, I’ve pretty much always loved to read. Books have been a major part of my life pretty much since I learned to read (just ask anyone who has ever had to help me move about the number of books that I own).

This is why the Kindle from was such a wonderful gift (from my wonderful husband, of course). I’ve loved it from the moment I got it, but I like to hold off on reviewing things until I’ve used them for awhile.

Now, I’ve had the kindle for over 4 months, and I still love it. I love the portability, the size, and being able to have multiple books with me at any time. I love that I can load knitting patterns onto it, I love that I have the New York Times crossword puzzles on it, I love the notebook feature where I can make notes on it, I love that I can highlight the text and post both quotes and book information to facebook and twitter (not that I have a twitter account, but I keep thinking about it), I love the e-ink pearl technology that really does allow me to read in bright light without a glare, I love, love, love it!

Right away, I had to add a couple of, in my opinion, must have accessories. My in-laws were kind enough to give me an apple green lighted leather cover and I went ahead and purchased a second cable (so I have one upstairs to charge it and one downstairs to hook to my computer, I’m weird like that). I’ve only had the cover for about a month, but I do plan on reviewing it later on.

Before selecting the Kindle, I did read reviews on ereaders, trying to make sure I chose the best on for me. There are a lot of options out there, and which one works best it dependent on  individual needs. I specifically wanted an e-reader, something to read on, I didn’t want to surf the internet, go onto facebook, or anything else. I wanted a reader, which in my opinion, amazon makes the best one.  I’m also very loyal to amazon, having purchased many, many things from them and having experienced their excellent customer service. Amazon is a company that I’m happy to do business with. 

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