The Best Laid Plans

I have my knitting all planned out, I’m totally in love with my Farmer’s Market Cardigan, and I’m making great progress on it. I’ve divided for the front and back and arm holes. It is mainly stockinette with some shaping right now, so it is fantastic tv knitting. I’m totally and completely content with the project.

So, of course, something has to go wrong, something that will stall my progress and wreck havoc with all of my plans. You know, something that looks a lot like this.

A broken knitting needle. Besides the interruption to my knitting, which is never appreciated, I also have the loss of a beautiful needle (it is hard to tell from the photo, but these needles are truly a work of art, in multicolored wood). Needless to say, my Farmer’s Market Cardigan has been halted.

While this would seem like the ideal time to make some real progress on the Yggdrasil Throw, I decided that it was probably a good sign that I should get going on the Slip Stitch Baby Blanket, destined for my niece that is due in February. I would like to have it ready to go for Christmas. Plus, if I am being completely honest,  the Yggdrasil, I’m in the middle of a complicated cable section and isn’t great tv or distraction knitting. It might be better to save it for this weekend, seeing as husband will be gone for deer hunting. That will be a great opportunity to turn off the tv, turn on the iPod and ignore the world while I focus on the cabled section of the Yggdrasil.

In the meantime, I’ve started the baby blanket and am already annoyed by the progress. It is a cute pattern, but the slip stitch design seems to take forever to make any progress. I’m also not too sure about the color combination. sometimes I think it is cute, and sometimes I just think it is okay. I do like how the pattern is turning out to be reversible, which is a plus with multicolored blankets. As an added plus, the Shine Worsted yarn is a pleasure to work with and is super soft and squishy. Hopefully I will finish in plenty of time, replace my broken needle and get back to my preplanned knitting.

I’m also making less than ideal progress on my pair of socks a month goal I set for myself in January. I did well through July, but then life got in the way. Since the start of August, I have finished a pair of socks for my oldest niece, and have just started on the leg of a second pair of toe-up socks. The pattern is Nagini, it Turtle Multi Essentials yarn (now known as Stroll sock yarn) from Knit Picks. Stroll is super soft, comes in great colors, gets better with wear, and is quickly becoming my favorite sock yarn. This pair will be pair number 9, completed in the 11th month, and somehow I don’t see myself completing 3 more pairs by the end of the year.

Maybe I’ll give the sock goal another try next year, or maybe I will try to set a different goal for the next year. I would also like to get some wash clothes made, 12 in a year would be doable. Or, I could start my mini-mitten advent calendar, which would work out to 2 mittens a month. I’ll have to think about it some more and see.


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