Fall is here and winter is on its way! This is extremely good news for me, seeing as I hate summer (I can see my friend Emily shaking her head at this, she’s a summertime girl). I’m thrilled to see the arrival of cooler weather, and the return of cool weather knitting.

For those non-knitters, the idea that there is summertime knitting and wintertime knitting most likely seems odd. But consider this, when it is 90 degrees outside, do you really want to have a wool sweater in your lap? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Summer is a great time to work on things like socks and lace or projects made of lighter yarns, like cotton or linen. Currently, I’m trying to finish the Hey Teach! Cardigan, which is a great summer project. A short-sleeved, half lace, cotton cardigan. I’ve finished the back, and am almost done with the right front, so I should be done soon.

This means that I can start on some winter projects. Yesterday, I flipped through some patterns on Ravelry, and found a bunch of things that I would like to make. Then, I started to look for yarns to go with them, but I remembered that I was trying to use up some of my stash. However, I cannot remember what I have in the stash, and if I have yarn assigned to a project or not. 

I’ve used the stash feature on Ravelry awhile ago, but by now I only have odds and ends in there, and I cannot be sure that the yarn I have listed is at all accurate. This led me to spend about an hour today redoing the stash list. At least I have the yarn mostly organized by weight and all the skeins of the same color grouped together. This made the process a lot easier.

I wrote down the type of yarn, colorway, and number of skeins. I also made notes if I have the yarn planned for any project. Then I entered the info into the Ravelry database. Tada! I now have a list that I can reference when browsing patterns.

Time to start planning my winter knitting.

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